Aspire Flexus Q


The Aspire Flexus Q is a new pod system in the world of Aspire. It offers a dual activation mode, making it so you can use it with pressing the button to activate the vapour, or by drawing on it, the choice is yours! Unlike other pod systems, the Aspire Flexus Q has a airflow control system that allows you to create the perfect vape. They have also introduced a new style of charging technology, the Flexus Q can charge in 10 minutes using it’s 3A rapid-charge technology, making this device charge 300% faster then any other small device. It comes with a 700mah battery life, which can last an average vaper most of the day. This device also gives you even more control of customizations, to make this vape dialed in to what you enjoy. It has 3 level powers, low, mid, and high. What does this mean? If you are looking for a softer draw, you will want to set it to the red light as this would create less vapour for you. The blue light is normal, and finally the green light is high, which will hit at it’s hardest (for those hard days – we all have them!)

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