Developed with refined performance and minimal mechanics in mind.  The aesthetics that will make heads turn.
That Atty! has a 24mm diameter body. This single coil deck is a real “bang for your buck”!
The best feature would be the no-fuss airlfow. That Atty! does not come with a handful of small & easy to lose airflow plugs – built w/ both slotted and dotted ports right into the deck and can be easily adjusted by simply spinning the cap to desired setting.
Single sided air channels are slanted downwards towards the coil. This provides a larger capacity liquid chamber and reduces leaking issues.
That Atty! has a reduced chamber and direct air to the heating element – proven to be the best combination for intense flavor production.
The two post setup for mounting coils easily has been the industry’s preferred setup because it’s easy to use.
The stainless steel cap will remain cooler for prolonged use because the deck and cap have a heat dissipation fin built in. Over time, your mod will sustain less heat damage.
We are constantly looking to innovate, yet keep prices for the consumer as affordable as possible without lowering standards. That Atty! gives you top tier performance at an affordable price.
Fits vaporizers w/ a 510 connection.
Package Contents:
x1 Deck
x1 Cap
x1 Ceramic Insert for Concentrate
x1 Clear 810 Driptip
x1 Ultem 510 Driptip  w/ built-in splatter guard
x1 Ultem 810/510 Univeral Adapter
x1 Part Accessories bag
x1 Solid 510 Pin
x1 BF 510 Pin for “Squonking”
Designed in Canada?

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